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As one of Dallas’ most historic buildings for performing arts, The Majestic Theatre is a great place to see musicals and productions of any kind! Right in the heart of entertainment city, located on Elm Street you will find this magical theatre that has been marked on the map of landmark’s to visit and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

With it’s traditional layout and décor within the building, The Majestic is top of the list of choices for holding so many types of art events, concerts, comedy shows and performances in general, making the all year round schedule an exciting one that should be visited.

Year after year the Majestic Theatre continues to deliver the best live entertainment that Dallas has to offer. Everything from stand up comedy, to theatre shows to incredible live music concert events. Anyone in Dallas who loves live entertainment knows the Majestic Theatre. Come and experience what this incredible venue has to offer – see what’s on by heading over to the events page today! Upcoming Events

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