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Johnny Marr

The British are coming to Dallas! They’re promising one of the best nights of the season at the Majestic Theater. Legend Johnny Marr is on tour with the popular British band James, and the two will put on quite a show on Monday, September 30th, 2024. Johnny Marr has been a part of multiple iconic bands over the years, including The Smiths and Modest Mouse. He’s always been more known for his work on the guitar, but that doesn’t mean his vocals are less impactful.

If you’re a fan of British rock from the 70s, 80s to today, which is how long both of these acts have been active! This is a date that you’re not going to want to miss. Monday may not be the most appealing day for a rock show, but it is what it is. Click the get tickets button to save yourself a seat at the Majestic Theater!

There’s something about the brits and the way that they do rock and roll. One of the reasons Johnny Marr has had staying power, even though he’s fought all of his bandmates pretty much throughout his whole career, is his innovative sound. He was doing a mixture of electronic music and rock way before even his Modest Mouse days. Now, what he brings to the table, which was innovative at the time, is pretty much the standard. A lot of the rock acts have experimented with digitally generated sounds. The accent in the vocals just gives him that little extra. It’s a different experience than what you’ll have watching Americans; that’s just a fact!

James, the “opening act” of the night, are probably going to spend more time on stage than your regular opening act. This is because Marr’s always been more of a guitarist than a lead singer. That means that at least Tim Booth the lead singer, is likely going to be on stage with Marr quite a bit on that night in Dallas. That mix of Marr and Victor Zsasz from Batman Begins (Yes that was Tim Booth from James) on stage is one wrinkle in the show that’s going to be interesting to see.

Speaking of comic book characters, some of the more popular songs from Marr’s solo career come from the soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you bring a friend that may be isn’t such a massive fan of Marr’s but is kind of a superhero movie junkie, they could have a blast as some of these “surprises” for them get played live.

If you’re going to head to a rock concert on a Monday, The Majestic in Dallas may just be the perfect place to do it. The theater features plenty of areas with comfortable seating, and you’ll see the stage perfectly. You won’t have any issues with the sound at all. There’s a spot to get food and drinks. It’s a more “tame” atmosphere than what you probably expected out of Johnny Marr in the old days. These days, though the fan base is a bit older, it’s a Monday. Head to the Majestic, have a good time, and get to work the next day without any major headaches. Click the get tickets button today!

Johnny Marr at Majestic Theatre

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