Heather McMahan at Majestic Theatre Dallas

Heather McMahan Tickets

Majestic Theatre Dallas | Dallas, Texas

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY 21ST JANUARY 2022. Originally Thursday 23rd October 2070. All original tickets are still valid!

We hope you stay sitting down if you come out to watch smashing comedian Heather McMahan when they come to the world famous Majestic Theatre Dallas for an evening of laugh out loud comedy on Saturday 11th April 2020. This limited-time appearance in Dallas, Texas is guaranteed to leave fans in stitches from the comic style and genius of this smashing performer. Fans of comedy are already lining up because they know that this is a performer who never misses a beat and will always leave you smiling at the end of the night. Even critics are naming Heather McMahan one of the top performers you can see in 2020. So don’t miss out on this limited time performance! Click the Buy Tickets button below to book your tickets to see Heather McMahan live on Saturday 11th April 2020 at Majestic Theatre Dallas. But don’t delay, because a performance this funny won’t last long and missing out is no laughing matter!

Heather McMahan at Majestic Theatre Dallas

On Saturday night, Saturday 11th April 2020, Heather McMahan is coming to deliver an evening of laughs and smiles from the iconic Majestic Theatre Dallas, the top stage in Dallas Texas. This spot has a history of bringing the most up-and-coming local, and hottest national talent to give their fans more than their money’s worth in stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and more! Fans and critics alike love coming to this venue because of all the added features that you can expect to enjoy with your ticket. Not only will you be able to enjoy a great atmosphere, comfortable seating, and delicious drinks, but you’ll also be right next door to some of the finest dining around. With a convenient location, great amenities, and the comedy stylings of Heather McMahan, how could you resist coming to this excellent establishment? Secure your tickets today here through this website!

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