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Jimmy Failla

These days, everybody just has to calm down! The American stand-up comedian, TV pundit, author, and host of the famous FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla, is coming to the live stage. Launching his very own "Everybody Calm Down" Tour, the man is coming off of your TVs and phones as he brings his witty spiels and antics on tour. You can witness one of his live stand-up shows right at Majestic Theatre Dallas on Friday, June 7. Named Outstanding Male Comedian at the 2014 New York City Nightlife Awards, he sure is the real deal. His one-hour stand-up special "State Of The Union" also made rounds on Amazon Prime. The man also has a couple of guest appearances up his sleeve, including AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live, The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land, The Greg Gutfeld Show, and many more. Bringing his newsworthy brand of comedy to the stage at his very own tour, don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

According to host of "FOX News Saturday Night" and radio show "FOX Across America", "Comedy is the punk rock of this decade in every sense of the word," he explains as something he's heard from people in Manhattan, via Hollywood In Toto. Amidst an era of cancel culture and comedy as a political weapon, Failla offers an escape, offering his antics that don't divide people. Now, he's taking his fresh stand-up shows to the live stage, kicking off the "Everybody Calm Down" Tour.

Jimmy Failla is one of TV's beloved comedy stars. A familiar face from FOX News, his hilarious spiels get late-night TV watchers cracking into hysterical laughs. With humble beginnings as a New York City cab driver, the man fueled by passion, went on to become the Outstanding Male Comedian of the year at the 2014 New York City Nightlife Awards.

In a conversation with BookTrib, Failla shares that driving around NYC prepared him to be a great stand-up comic. "You’re constantly interacting with people from every ethnic background and socio-economic class. Those interactions make it a lot easier to package your ideas in the broadest possible sense," he explained. He then shares how unpredictable moments in the cab translates into how performing actually goes, making him used to handling adversity.

"My whole life when I was a cab driver was not only my journey but everybody else’s journey," he shared via Montana Standard. "The one thing I learned about dropping people off at their respective journeys is that some people forget to enjoy the ride. I think that’s the point of being alive. That is really like the ethos of what I do."

Like they say, life is a highway. Here, we've got Failla behind the wheel! Driving across 40 cities in his very own "Everybody Calm Down" Tour this summer, he hopes he's able to get people in control in his call for everyone to chill out. "I’m up close and personal with politics every day on TV and radio and I realized the country would benefit greatly from just downshifting," he said.

The man officially joined Fox News in late 2016, after being discovered in one of his comedy club gigs after a day of cab driving. Now, his Saturday night program is one of the top-five in the late-night segments, even beating "The Daily Show" in ratings.

Jimmy Failla's other appearances include "The Greg Gutfeld Show", "The Ingraham Angle", "Watters World", "The Story with Marth MacCallum", "Gotham Comedy Live", "Strange Inheritance: Unpacked", and many more. Of course, you can't miss out on his own Amazon Prime stand-up special "State Of The Union".

As the man takes his comedy antics that unite people in laughter, don't miss out on the Everybody Calm Down Tour. Book your tickets now!

Jimmy Failla at Majestic Theatre

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