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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Felipe Esparza

Comedy night at the Majestic Theater in Dallas is always a vibe. That’s especially the case when one of the more versatile acts on the comedy circuit makes his way to the city. Felipe Esparza and his At My Leisure World Tour have a stop scheduled at the Majestic Theater on Friday, the 11th of October, 2024. It may not be too early to be planning a date night. Especially for those couples that have to juggle kids, work, and everything in between. A Felipe Esparza show may be just what you need to break the routine. Since the show’s on a Friday, it’s easier to shift things around and make it to the Majestic.

Any seat in the house is decent for a comedy show. Felipe, though, is one of the few acts you may want to see up close. Click the get tickets button to reserve your spot at the Majestic Theater on October 11th.

Not all comedians get better with age. There’s a point where your “juvenile” act doesn’t match your current age. That can hurt a lot of performers who don’t know how to adapt. Felipe Esparza, on the other hand, is one of those faces on the comedy circuit that does seem to get better with age.

There appears to be a very simple reason for this. His life stories just keep piling up, and he’s able to use them on stage. In one of his most popular bits for Comedy Central, he talks about his life in the streets of LA. There are other shows, though, where he brings out stories from his most recent life events—talking about having a girlfriend and marriage. This means that on Friday, October 11th, at the Majestic Theater, you’ll be able to relate to at least one of the stories that he’s going to be telling.

A lot of times, that’s the key to success in these types of comedy shows. You want the audience to relate to what happened to you, or to say something so completely out of whack that everyone’s in awe. With Felipe Esparza, you get a little bit of both! This is, by all accounts, a rather “mature” show. That can be a good thing because it means that it’s a perfect night to head to the Majestic Theater in Dallas, have a few drinks and some laughs, and experience an adult night out away from the kids. No one’s going to judge you if you’re looking for some time to yourselves!

Normally for these comedy events at the Majestic Theater, any seat in the house is great. With Felipe Esparza you could be “missing out” on a major part of the show if you’re a little further back. A big part of his delivery are the faces that he makes. Of course, if you’re in the pit area or the first row in the padded seats, you’ll be able to catch all that. You may want to keep this in mind before you purchase your tickets to this show on Friday, October 11th. Regardless of where you’re sitting, it promises to be a great show. Click the get tickets button today!

Felipe Esparza at Majestic Theatre

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