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Matt Fraser

A connection between this life and the spiritual realm is opening in Dallas on Saturday, July 27th! Mentalist and E! Entertainment reality TV star Matt Fraser is headed to the Majestic Theater in Big D on that date. If you’re looking for some answers that you just can’t seem to find in your near-sighted reality, this may just be the place you’ll find them. Fraser is not one of those mentalists who’s not afraid of confrontation from skeptics. That actually brings a cool dynamic to the show. You can tell that he’s not using a script or generic sayings to try and provide “predictions” over someone’s life.

If you’re even just a little curious about what you can expect to see in Dallas on July 27th, it wouldn’t hurt to head to the show. Click the get tickets button now! Keep in mind, if you want to get picked for a reading, the front rows are your best chance. Make sure that you get those tickets early before they run out!

Fraser has been performing as a mentalist since the 2010s. His fame really took off, though, when he got his reality TV show on E! This cemented him as a celebrity mentalist. What followed were invites to some of the most popular talk shows and these tours, like the one he’s currently on, which has a stop in Dallas at the end of July. His celeb status not only opened doors for him to showcase his talents. It also brought a lot of skeptics to his shows and even to his appearances on live TV.

Think about it this way: Matt Fraser has been around for 10 to 15 years. If the man were a total fraud, he would’ve been masterfully exposed at this point. The alternative, then, may be that there is, in fact, something to his methods. That sense of mystery and awe is an element that’s hard to replicate for some of these performers—especially those who’ve gone mainstream. People constantly want to test them and see if they’ve upped their game. Fraser’s been up to the challenge to this point. There’s gotta be something to this guy. This summer alone, he’s going on a tour that’s going to include almost 40 stops in different cities across the US and Canada.

He’s one of those performers that’s worth a watch even for skeptics. There may be someone in your friend group who truly believes in this and wants to see if Fraser picks them for a live reading because they’re looking for some answers they just can’t seem to find. If you’re on the skeptic side, it wouldn’t hurt to tag along. As a performer, Fraser also knows how to play the crowd to generate some laughs and have those light-hearted moments. This helps set up the wow moments in the show.

If nothing else, the show may be worth it just to head to The Majestic in Dallas. It’s one of those old-school theater where you’d expect to see a formal opera show. The venue is extremely well taken care of. It’s a comfortable place to sit and watch any type of show. In this case, the issue may be that it’s a bit on the smaller side. Less than 2000 people fit comfortably here. If you want to be part of the Matt Fraser experience live, hit the get tickets button today!

Matt Fraser at Majestic Theatre

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