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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Something truly unique is coming to the Majestic Theater in Dallas on Friday, 26th July 2024! Yes, this is a line that can be used to describe all sorts of acts. In fact, most of the time, people use it; it’s not even remotely true. If you’re a fan of Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! concept you know that this is a fact! No two shows, whether it be on TV or the podcast, are ever the same! It’s Aukerman and his guests ad-libbing and just having a ball! There’s just something about improv comedy that many times makes it the best thing you can watch. You know that these guys are feeling the crowd, and they’re trying to pull those laughs out of you while having fun themselves.

The Majestic Theater is one of the best places to see a comedy show. You’ll see the stage great from wherever, the seats are comfortable, the acoustics are great. Everything is set to ensure this stop of the Comedy Bang! Bang! Tour is epic. Make sure to click that get tickets button to save yourself a seat in the house.

Scott Aukerman's been pruning his comedy concept for years on end. Some people may not even know that he produced and directed "Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis." Those same folks have even criticized Aukerman saying Comedy Bang! Bang! is a copy of what Galifianakis does. It’s actually Aukerman’s type of comedy, which obviously Galifianakis makes his own, to also put on great shows. One of the cool things about Aukerman’s journey with this concept is that he just hasn’t given up on it. He keeps building off all of the years that he’s been doing the same thing. That’s going to be evident at the Majestic in Dallas on July 26th!

His interviewees or partners for the show in Dallas have yet to be revealed. That is something that can play into the mystery of the night. As mentioned, all of these shows end up being unique because they are based on whatever Aukerman’s going to be into doing that night. This makes the show a great outing if you want to come with friends. It can get out of hand here and there, but he’ll reel himself back in eventually. The fact that he’s trying something new every night is completely impressive. It speaks volumes of his creativity as a comedian. Also, it’s what the fans love! To see him trying to lean into something that he’s seeing the fans react to is part of the experience.

The size of the Majestic Theater in Dallas is another thing that the show is going to have going for it on that last Friday in July. It’s not just that you can see the stage, even from the back area. There’s some hand gestures and things that go on stage that are part of generating the laughs, for sure. If you can sit near the front for this one, it could be worth it. At the same time, if you just want to relax and have a laugh with friends, even the upper floor is great! There are very few things that can beat a night out at a comedy show. You’ll get to go home with a smile on your face, and that’s always a win. That won’t happen for you, though, if you don’t hit the get tickets button! These shows do get a lot of fans going to the theater.

Comedy Bang! Bang! at Majestic Theatre

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