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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Whitney Cummings

The Majestic Theatre, Dallas, is thrilled to be one of the venues for the most recent live, on-stage tour from comedian dynamite Whitney Cummings. On Thursday the 5th of September this year Cummings will be storming onto the stage with her latest and most outlandish material with her 2024 ‘Big Baby’ Tour. Known for her stark opinions and ‘holding nothing back’ approach to the absurd, obscure and sometimes downright icky things in life, whether it be about sex dolls, consent or money, Cummings has created a career and reputation that has had people laughing in shock and silliness for years. Her latest tour is the best opportunity to experience her freshest material live, and you’re in luck, as tickets are on sale now! Book yours today whilst there’s still time, and ensure that you are at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, on 09/05/2024 for Whitney Cummings ‘Big Baby’ Tour – you will not be disappointed!

Last year Whitney Cummings ended the year on a life-changing note and welcomed the arrival of her first child. In true Cummings fashion she posted a motherhood selfie sharing an Instagram photo of herself and her newborn with the caption, ‘3-D printed a human. Enjoy me never having brushed hair again.’ Already, the comedian has a sense of self-deprecating humour towards parenthood, and now for 2024, she is hitting the road with her freshest material, a lot less sleep, and is so ready to take audiences on a new trip full of laughter, shocks and absurd silliness.

Tickets are currently on sale for Cummings ‘Big Baby’ tour, so book yours without delay to be one of the first people to hear her latest gags and jokes on stage. The place to be is the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas and the date to save is Thursday the 5th of September 2024. Don’t hang around though, as tickets are limited and in hot demand.

Cummings has had a career that has spanned years and has had plenty of highs and lows. In the earlier years of her career, Cummings was best known for creating and starring in the NBC series, ‘Whitney’ and for the CBS comedy series, ‘2 Broke Girls’ which she co-created and co-wrote.

Since then, Cummings has written and performed a lot of stand-up solo material and currently has 5 stand up specials on Netflix, her most recent being ‘Whitney Cummings: JOKES’ which was released last year. Yet, Cummings shines brightest when on stage, revelling in the ‘on the night, anything can happen’ buzz of touring. She recently wrapped up her ‘Touch Me Tour’ which was a whopping 75+ city tour.

Now, for 2024 she is back, and with one of the biggest life changes a person can experience – becoming a parent. How will Cummings handle this new onslaught of life-changing responsibility? How will she handle the late nights, exploding diapers and un-brushed hair? Find out for yourself and be at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas on 09/05/2024 by booking your tickets for her 2024 tour, ‘Big Baby’ – BOOK NOW!

Whitney Cummings at Majestic Theatre

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