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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Tony Hinchcliffe

Behold your humoristic touches as Tony Hinchliffe brings the tickles to the Lone Star state for his Fully Groan Tour at Majestic Theatre, Dallas, on April 5, 2024. With his bold and fearless disposition and exemplary humor, Tony Hinchliffe will put smiles all over the Majestic Theatre as he takes the center mic for his stand-up comedy. With the success of his live podcast “Kill Tony,” that have over a million downloads a month, Tony Hinchcliffe will transfer the laughter from screens to concert sheens as he does live performances for boundary-pushing humor to come. Known for his edgy and unforgettable lines, impromptu speech prowess, and fantastic crowd work, there will be no dull moment for a Tony Hinchcliffe show you will never forget. Get ready for a rollercoaster of absurdity and fun as you exchange your tickets for tickles in Tony Hinchcliffe-certified humor blast. Mark the dates and secure your tickets now!

Tony Hinchcliffe is hitting the road for his Fully Groan Tour as he stops in Texas to deliver laughing medicine to fans on April 5, 2024, at Majestic Theatre, Dallas. A mixture of humor, art, and fantastic impromptu talent will be witnessed on a night full of smiles as Tony Hinchcliffe brings the punchlines you never heard before. Known for his edgy lines and funny way of roasting, the show will never get dull with the help of his great improvisation and crowd work.

The Ohio-native comedic star pushed his way to the stand-up comedy scene as he wiggled up to the industry's biggest names. Started in stand-up and open mics in The Comedy Store in California to being the host of one of the biggest Live podcasts in the world, Tony Hinchcliffe has become one of the biggest names in stand-up comedy. Known for his roast comic and fearless banters with the audience, his connection to the fans is superb, which makes the fans come back to watch him. He starred on different platforms, including One Shot, a Netflix stand-up special in 2016, and Making Friends on YouTube.

In 2020, Tony Hinchcliffe became the host of Kill Tony, a live podcast running since 2013 that gave him a massive engagement with Joe Rogan and Brian Redban. Till then, the live podcast bagged hundreds of thousands of streams and one hundred million engagements, making it one of the best live podcasts in the world.

“I want to think Tony Hinchcliffe can be funny. I have enjoyed most of the comedy central roasts I have seen, and Tony himself doing a podcast does not sound like a bad idea on paper,” an IMDB review said about the Tony Hinchcliffe show Kill Tony, which is thriving in the podcast scene now.

Following the recent success, Tony Hinchcliffe will kick off his Fully Groan Tour to travel the whole country for a live stand-up comedy away from the screens of your devices and deliver the most real laughter on stage. Along with other great comedians with him, they will provide a laughter party that will make the venue tremble.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Fully Groan Tour will be held at Majestic Theatre, Dallas. With its eclectic Baroque style and state-of-the-art productions, Majestic Theatre will be faithful to its name. It will provide a majestic and fantastic experience for the laughing spree that will be held by Tony Hinchcliffe. Don't miss the fun, and get ready for the puns as Tony Hinchcliffe puts the humor vibes on the run. Grab your tickets now!

Tony Hinchcliffe at Majestic Theatre

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