The Fab Four – The Ultimate Tribute at Majestic Theatre Dallas

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute Tickets

Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute

With over two decades of keeping The Beatles' legendary masterpieces on the live stage, The Fab Four is set to keep twisting and shouting to Rubber Soul as it performs a tour on the iconic record and the band's greatest hits. Hailed as one of the world's premier Beatles tribute act, the legendary carbon copies are hitting the stage at Majestic Theatre Dallas on Friday, November 3rd this Fall. Straight out of Liverpool and onto Dallas, The Fab Four's show is bound to take you back to 1965. More than just looking like the real thing, they even nail The Beatles' mannerisms and live performance quirks, making the most authentic Beatles experience you can get. As Rubber Soul makes its return to the live stage, you can also expect The Fab Four to perform the band's greatest hits including "Yesterday", "Drive My Car", and "Here Comes The Sun". Keeping its legendary hits alive, be part of its history by booking your tickets now!

With a rich history of legendary tracks that got the world up on their feet, The Beatles is a band whose music transcends generations. Keeping this same experience alive for years and generations to come, The Fab Four is an Emmy Award-winning act that might just be the best-ever Beatles tribute to exist. This time around, they're taking their series of "The Ultimate Tribute" shows performing Rubber Soul along with the legends' greatest hits. For over two decades, they've been serving the best Beatles concert experience taking you back to the 1960s!

Not only do they look like them, they sound like them, and they act like them. Every detail counts when you're performing a tribute act. The Fab Four replicates every costume, choreography, live vocal moments, and mannerisms of the original Beatles members. With an Emmy Award to boast for its PBS Special 'The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute', they're definitely a tribute act worth taking your time.

Straight out of Liverpool, The Fab Four has toured the globe, bringing back the most authentic Beatles experience to fans around the world including Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and many more. They've never failed to perform blasts from the past, executing every performance of "Yesterday", "Come Together", "In My Life", "Drive My Car", and much more exactly how it was in the '60s!

"When you get into tributes, you have the play the songs as close as when the needle hits the vinyl," shared Gavin Pring, one of The Fab Four's amazing rockers. "I know younger people won’t understand what needle hitting the vinyl means."

A needle hitting the vinyl? What's he talkin' about? Well, it's their perfect recipe to create the most authentic Beatles experience. As the needle hits that vinyl record, it plays pitch-perfect as how it's expected to be. The same goes for The Fab Four. A tribute act doesn't replicate studio recordings. They replicate live performances. Every "mistake" has to be perfect.

Every Fab Four performance usually features around three costume changes - representing different eras and the music it brings along. With a massive catalog to work on, no Fab Four show is like no other, but they're definitely almost as exact as the original ones.

So, get yourself ready to experience nostalgia like no other, as The Fab Four transports you back in time, to the good ol' days of The Beatles' hits. Book your tickets now!

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute at Majestic Theatre

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