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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

That Girl Lay Lay

Dallas, you’re in for a treat! That Girl Lay Lay’s Growing Pains tour has a stop in Big D at the Majestic Theater on Wednesday, the 14th of August 2024! The rapping Nickelodeon sensation’s got something for everyone on this tour. If you’re a parent, your kids are likely going to be the ones who nudge you to take them to this concert at the Majestic Theater. Keep in mind, though, that Wednesday 14th of August is not a school night yet, so you’re good there.

What you may be surprised to find as a grown-up on this tour is that Lay Lay is not THAT young anymore. She’s 17, that’s obviously very young, but the name of the tour says it all. She’s going through those Growing Pains as an artist. That means that she’ll sing a lot of the popular kids' songs, but she’s got some new tracks where she really showcases her talents as a rapper. Don’t forget to click that get tickets button to reserve your spot at the Majestic in this late summer event!

Lay Lay’s been rapping since she was 11 years old! Like a lot of artists from this younger generation, she got her start as a YouTube sensation. Shout to Justin Bieber and company! Then she got picked up by a record label, and it wasn’t long before Nickelodeon came calling. She’s always been able to keep her music career tied to her acting. Remember that summer when Hannah Montana was kind of fading, and Miley Cyrus was coming out of the shell? That’s a little bit of what you may see from Lay Lay in Dallas on August 14th. It’s not a bad thing at all!

In the last few months, she’s released two singles, Don’t Wanna Kiss and Fill in the Blank, where she’s not only singing about more grown-up themes, but even her voice is changing. Sure, you can still expect her to even open the show in Dallas with “Go Lay Lay Go.” That’s still the song that kids mostly know her for, and she’s gotta play to the crowd. There’s going to be a shift, though, at one point in the show if she goes to the new tracks. Lay Lay currently still keeps one foot in the kids’ area, if you will. She recently made an appearance in the remix of the song “Be You” by VanVan. VanVan is still very much a little girl. This growing-up theme is not only part of the show. She’s literally growing up, so if you saw her last year, the way that she’s going to sing some of the hits that she had when she was in her early teens has to change.

She doesn’t have that little girl voice anymore. Again, this is actually something that can play in your favor as a parent. It’s not going to be the high-pitched little girl show that you may have seen last year. Her hits have gotten edits to make sure that she can still hit some of the high pitches, but she doesn’t have to stay in that register for the whole song! By the way, The Majestic Theater is a great venue for this show. It’s a fully seated theater, so your kids can dance up and down while you lie back and enjoy the show. Even from the second floor, the stage looks great. Click that get tickets button and give your kids a treat to end the summer!

That Girl Lay Lay at Majestic Theatre

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