Stayin’ Alive – A Salute To The Music of The Bee Gees at Majestic Theatre Dallas

Stayin' Alive - A Salute To The Music of The Bee Gees Tickets

Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Stayin' Alive - A Salute To The Music of The Bee Gees

Forty-five years ago, the whole world jived to The Bee Gees' iconic dancefloor anthem, "Stayin' Alive". Becoming one of the world's greatest disco kings, their records spawned a multitude of hits, including "How Deep Is Your Love", "More Than a Woman", "Too Much Heaven", and "Night Fever". As one of the most iconic bands to go down in history, the world continues to celebrate their legendary hits and iconic performances live on stage. This time around, the FSCJ Artist Series presents STAYIN' ALIVE, ONE NIGHT OF THE BEE GEES, offering a night of the group's greatest hits and blockbusters. The disco ball's coming to town, right at Majestic Theatre Dallas on Thursday, December 7th. You're definitely up to sing and dance along to a full Bee Gees setlist, taking you back to the good ol' days of poppin' disco. Poised to be the largest and best tribute production, One Night of The Bee Gees features an orchestra, bringing life to the original's legendary catalog of hits. Combining grand instrumentals with the band's iconic falsetto, it's definitely a goosebump-inducing concert experience. Book your tickets now!

One of the world's greatest bands is getting its biggest tribute performance yet. FSCJ Artist Series presents STAYIN' ALIVE - ONE NIGHT OF THE BEE GEES, A Salute To The Music of The Bee Gees, the largest production of its kind. Paying tribute to a band who shaped the '70s and '80s of disco madness, they're taking advanced technologies to replicate the nostalgic vibes of a classic Bee Gees night. With huge video screens, astounding effects, and a special live orchestra, it's definitely a concert experience like no other.

STAYIN' ALIVE is offering audiences a full night of Bee Gees hits, with blockbuster performances of their legendary sets, including "Jive Talkin'", "You Should Be Dancing", "Nights on Broadway", "Too Much Heaven", "More Than a Woman", "Stayin' Alive", and "Night Fever". From disco anthems to soul-stirring ballads, they've got you covered!

If you think this is just another tribute act with matchy costumes, you've got it all wrong. STAYIN' ALIVE is a prime production that's dazzled audiences across the globe, bringing unparalleled experiences that offer the best technology, outstanding visuals, and live renditions that stay true to the Bee Gees' original masterpieces. Performing both intimate and grand venues, its six-piece band and massive 62-piece orchestra never fail to amaze its crowds with a unique way to serve a blast from the past.

"Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'"... we're staying alive! Indeed, the Bee Gees' monumental hit continues to thrive and illuminate the live stage. The original track, released 45 years ago, continues to influence new generations of listeners, keeping the greatest disco banger alive and kickin' the airwaves. The track was always a highlight of every Bee Gees show, becoming an iconic symbol of the '70s disco movement.

In an interview with the late-Robin Gibb, "That particular piece of music, it was the biggest selling soundtrack of all time. It still is. And there is nothing . . . it's equated to walking on the moon, nothing really touched the sales of it," he shared with Vermilion County First. "The thing about it is, there was no hype, because in those days you couldn't really hype anything. It was purely organic unlike today of course, where everything is hype."

Hype. Back in the day, there wasn't any sort of hype. It's all organic, making The Bee Gees true musical legends. To this date, the iconic track sends people wild on the dancefloor.

So, as the best Bee Gees experience comes to town, make sure to mark your spots and get your dancefloor outfits ready. Book your tickets now!

Stayin' Alive - A Salute To The Music of The Bee Gees at Majestic Theatre

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