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If you’re a fan of the strange, dark, and mysterious, then you need to head to the Majestic Theater in Dallas on Thursday, September 26th, 2024. YouTube star MrBallen is taking his live show to Big D on this date. The former Navy SEAL is actually a bit of a newcomer to the live show scene. It’s an interesting move by a YouTuber to step out of his own comfort zone to not only develop another revenue stream but perhaps a wider audience. Anyone who’s a fan of the YouTube channel will certainly be able to appreciate this event, which promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience at the Majestic this fall.

This is one of those shows where you can find a good seat in the house, virtually in any section. Click the get tickets button soon to have the luxury of picking the spot you want to be in this Thursday night.

Are the folks at the Majestic Theater who’ll be sitting alongside you on this night going to be wearing tin foil hats? That remains to be seen; you’ll need to get to the Majestic to find out. What is true is that MrBallen has been able to amass a large audience on his YouTube channel thanks to his willingness to cover a wide range of topics. He’s not like Joe Rogan on his podcast, just diving down some of the strangest rabbit holes ever known to man. Most of his stories are usually way better researched. Those facts and his delivery are typically what keep the audience on edge.

In his live shows he’s bringing along brand new stories. It would be a real shame for a big fan of MrBallen to hear a repeat of something that they already saw on Youtube or heard on the podcast. That’s something that the Youtuber is very mindful of with these life shows. This could be a great opportunity to sit in the gallery at the Majestic Theater with some friends or a date and experience a completely different kind of show than what you’re typically used to. Thursday’s a great day for an event like this because it allows you to break the routine but without having to go to the event that’s going to disturb your sleeping cycle all that much. Doors are at 7; you’ll likely be back home before your usual bedtime. The only problem might be that some of the stories you hear from MrBallen might keep you up at night!

The production team for these shows does make an effort to put some type of scenery. It’s not like MrBallen is just going to get up on stage and talk into a mic like the cheapest stand-up comedy show you’ve ever seen. Having said this, for these types of shows, any seat at the Majestic can be decent. The view of the stage is good, and the sound carries through the venue perfectly. There are only two things that you need to worry about for this Thursday night. Clicking the get tickets button to find yourself a seat and then heading to the theater on Thursday, September 26th.

MrBallen at Majestic Theatre

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