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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Marc Maron

The phenomenal comedian Marc Maron is back at it and hitting the stage with mind blowing new material! Better be prepared for this one because the comedian and acclaimed interviewer is bound to attract his fans by the thousands on this one! The All in Tour hits over 20 cities over the course of fall and winter, but more importantly, it includes a detour in Dallas, Texas! Get a taste of Marc Maron brilliant humor as he makes a pit stop at the Majestic Theatre Dallas! You'll be getting some great laughs as Marc Maron brings a showdown of his observations and black comedy! So if you’re up for some mighty laugh and hilarious anecdotes, this is your moment to witness Marc Maron in person! Hurry and don’t miss out on seeing Maron's brand new stand up set by securing your passes through the Get Tickets link now!

How about you change up your Friday night? Well, acclaimed podcaster and comedian Marc Maron is bringing his famed unprecedented humor to the stage! This is your moment to join a thrilling set that’s packed with wit, humor, and self deprecation! They say great laughter stirs the soul! Well, you’ll be stirring a lot on this one! It’s not your run-off-the-mill comedy that’s filled with ridiculousness because veteran comic Marc Maron definitely knows how to have an entire audience erupt in laughter.

In addition to stand-up comedy, this notable comedian and host has interviewed the greats! Think President Barack Obama, the late Robin Williams, Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, Leonardo DiCaprio, and countless others. These interviews are not your mundane conversations between adults, they’ll keep any listener totally engaged. Now he uses his on stage and podcast skills to deliver this new set as Marc Maron brings his great ability to keep audiences engage but also have them laughing until their sides hurt.

See the All In Tour on stage this fall as it conquers the Majestic Theater Dallas! It’s not everyday that you see Maron makes his way into Texas! The show on Friday 4th October 2024 will surely bring some great entertainment and turn your otherwise mundane Friday night into a great spectacle. It’s the perfect way to end a work week with a bang!

An internet phenomenon and acclaimed actor, Marc Maron first entertained the world with his wit and unique humor. He has made a killing as a stand-up comedian. After completing his major tours, he launched his podcast, WTF, in 2009. The program has amassed over 600 million downloads and have interviewed quite an impressive roster of guests. Aside from comedy and podcast, Maron has also starred in major films like Joker, DC League of Super Pets, Genie, The Order, and many more.

Don’t miss out! This is Marc Maron's phenomenal return in stand-up comedy! It is definitely a spectacle worth seeing this 2024! You should hurry and secure passes now by hitting the Get Tickets link!

Marc Maron at Majestic Theatre

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