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Lewis Black

Intelligent comedy takes centerstage this fall as Lewis Black will be going out with a bang – the 75 year old multi awarded comedian is stronger than ever, but he’s giving his touring career its last hurrah! The veteran comic jumps on the Goodbye Yeller Brick Road, his final trek ever! If you’re keen on seeing this prolific laugh riot deliver his live set one last time, this is definitely the moment! His tour was a supposed 40-something outing that would last til spring of this year, but thanks to public demand, Black will be adding several more dates, including a show-stopping spectacle at the Majestic Theatre Dallas! Expect his classic wit, boyish jokes, and his never ending rants as Black delivers his live set in Dallas one last time on Sunday 24th November 2024! It’s guaranteed to be a thrilling laugh trip! Rest assured this gig will surely give a fantastic last impression before Black calls it quits with his touring life! Hurry and hit that Get Tickets link now!

Mark this year as the period when the comedy legend is serving his last hurrah! Lewis Black will be delivering his last several shows across North America and it’s bound to be the most hilarious goodbye stint ever. The comedy legend is now 75 years old and he’s giving his retirement from touring life one last big bang! In this case, it’s over 40 phenomenal shows! This gives stand-up comedy fans an opportunity to catch his set as he traverses across key cities. Known as the King of Rants, Lewis Black will deliver his beloved stand-up style, a mix of brilliant and intelligent quips with boyish humor. His set will let you know that he’s not really pleased with the world - hence, the rants, but ultimately, it’s all for good humor because Black is also the king of light hearted jokes.

This 2024 gives fans one last final run for Black’s unprecedented live humor. It will be the last you’ll see him serving his stand-up set in various cities. The Goodbye Yeller Brick Road is an ode to his favorite band, The Beatles. Being a comedian in his 70’s, he has been around for a while. He has delivered over 30 years of comedy and this period has proven that he's an absolutely unique force in the laugh circuit. A Yale Graduate and a former playwright, his comedy style is mostly a tirade of rants but in a very hilarious and entertaining manner.

Now, fans in Dallas will have the last chance to see him in town as he conquers the Majestic Theatre Dallas. The set on Sunday 24th November 2024 is guaranteed to be a rip-roaring laugh spectacle. Expect hilarious jokes, witty observations, and his legendary rants. This show will surely be a monumental last gig in Dallas and you’ll be talking about Black’s brilliant set for months and years to come.

Get set to laugh until your sides hurt. See this iconic phenom rant about smart phones, the young generation, and the world in general. Just an angry man on stage, except he's perpetually hilarious! Secure your access now before you miss out!

Lewis Black at Majestic Theatre

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