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Lalah Hathaway

Are you ready for All that Jazzz that’s coming to the Majestic Theater in Dallas? Lalah Hathaway and her “Vanta Black Tour” are headed to Big D on Wednesday, the 28th of August 2024. Her newest album, which shares the same name as the tour, has been out for a few days now. Fans are quickly bumping up those listener numbers on Spotify. Lalah Hathaway’s new music features a lot of familiar sounds from her. She’s always been an artist whose mingled in gospel, R&B, jazz, and other genres to create unique music. That’s exactly what you can expect from her show in Dallas on August 28th.

Wednesday may just be one of the best nights of the week to head to a show like this, especially at a venue like the Majestic Theater. Find yourself some good seats, sit back, relax, and enjoy the night. It’s going to be soulful, jazzy, and everything in between. Click the get tickets button to save your seats for the Lalah Hathaway concert!

When Lalah Hathaway was recording her fifth album, she said in an interview, “I don't necessarily want to fit into what's happening now, but I want to stand with it, doing my own thing.” That’s exactly what she’s done throughout her career. She’s worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in R&B, and in her own work, she’s never been afraid to experiment and create music with all of those influences mixed in. Fans are really excited about her new album, Vanta Black. “So in Love'' is the track that’s moving up the ranks in R&B music. Expect that song to be part of the setlist on this Wednesday night in Dallas.

One of the things that you can count on with Lalah Hathaway is that she’ll put in the extra effort in her live shows. A lot of artists will sing their popular songs, sometimes even the pre-recorded versions of them, and call it a night. That’s not what’s going to happen at the Majestic Theater in Dallas on August 28th. Expect more of a “Jazz night” vibe with Lalah Hathaway. It’s a bit like going to watch a performance at a bar, if you will. Of course, the main difference here is that Lalah is no up and comer in the industry.

She loves to interact with the audience in her live shows; she’ll play some of her greatest hits with different sounds or even acoustic versions. The stage is her lab, and getting a chance to sit in on her experiments is a great experience. If you have to “sell” this concert to your friends or your partner, just say this is going to be jazz night with one of the best in the business. On a Wednesday night? It’s going to be hard to find something better to do!

The Majestic Theater in Dallas is the perfect spot for this event. You’ll have a chance to sit comfortably wherever you are in the audience that night. The music carries perfectly throughout the entire theater. If you’re there with your date, get yourselves a few glasses of your favorite vino and enjoy the show. Click the get tickets button today to be a part of this show!

Lalah Hathaway at Majestic Theatre

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