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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Here's The Thing Live

Blast off to comedy heaven on Sunday, March 10, as the Majestic Theatre presents Here’s The Thing Live with KevOnStage & That Chick Angel! This 2024, our dynamite duo will head out for a 16-city North American road trip to jumpstart the new spring bloom. Straight from the internet, the wildly beloved “Here’s The Thing” podcast sets off for the stage to tickle you breathless in a music-filled night of uproarious pop culture and celebrity banter! The guy half of our pair, Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks, will sweep you off your feet with his creatively cut comedy, previously teased as a guest in the Emmy Award-winning “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and as host of Will Smith’s “Dads Just Don’t Understand.” Angela “That Chick Angel” Laketa Moore, meanwhile, will pump you up with the fun mom energy you’ve come to love from her roles in the Peabody-nominated “Atypical” and Disney’s “Sydney to the Max.” Get your tickets today for the finest seats in the house!

From the internet to the interstates, this talkative tag team will stop at NOTHING to give you the freshest funnies they’ve got cookin’! Podcast superstars KevOnStage & That Chick Angel are wheeling in their “Here’s The Thing Live” Tour in and out of 16 North American cities, kicking off 2024’s spring season. Catch them on the up-high this March 10 and experience their side-splitting antics at the Majestic Theatre!

Here's The Thing Live featuring KevOnStage & That Chick Angel is the stupendous stage adaptation of everyone’s favorite podcast! But it’s not just your typical stool-sitting session. No. For you, they turned it into a bonafide extravaganza overflowing with music, hijinks, and complete, utter hilarity! Hear these partners in crime banter about nothing and everything, from the latest celebrity happenings to zany pop culture trends, in an evening of unadulterated conversational comedy!

“This podcast keeps me going, and I don't think I can express how entertained they keep me. Whether it’s long drives or around the home getting chores done. Sometimes I don’t have time to watch TV, so I just let it play and I’m ENGAGED. Love it!”

Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks brings his multi-dimensional talents to serve you a creative plate of gleeful stand-up that had him sell out countless clubs during his nationwide tours. As an actor, he made a guest appearance in HBO’s Emmy Award-winning “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and Amazon’s hit docuseries “Black Love.” He also hosted Will Smith’s “Dads Just Don't Understand” and created “Keep Your Distance Comedy,” the best-selling virtual stand-up show of 2020.

Meanwhile, Angel Laketa Moore (or That Chick Angel) will show you the hilarious potential of a mom of four who struck gold as a prolific actress and social media influencer. She’s been riding a wave of recurring roles in the hottest shows of recent years, which include Disney’s “Sydney to the Max,” CBS’ “United States of Al,” and Netflix’s Peabody Award-nominated comedy-drama “Atypical.” She was also specially featured in Season 4 of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and hosts two other critically acclaimed podcasts, “The Bald and The Beautiful” and “Is This Going To Cause An Argument.”

Presenting our dynamic duo live on stage is the Majestic Theater in the Lone Star State’s city of Dallas! With a world-renowned stage styled in breathtaking Renaissance Revival, this historic performance hall offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for a night of laughter, which you’ll all giddily enjoy in luxurious seats and a grandiosely spotlit ambiance.

Click the link above and buy your tickets now for Here's The Thing Live with KevOnStage & That Chick Angel on Sunday, March 10, at the Majestic Theatre.

Here's The Thing Live at Majestic Theatre

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