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Desi Banks

Get ready for sore cheeks and a stomachache from all the laughs you’ll have as stand-up comedian and actor Desi Banks makes his way to Majestic Theater Dallas on Friday, April 29, 2024. Extending his 2023 The Purpose Chaser Tour into 2024, he’s more than prepared to grace yet another audience with his hilarious show and razor-sharp wits. Inspired by famous comedians Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, Banks has since made his name in the comedy industry with his cheeky jokes and banter. With over 15 million followers on his various socials, many see him as one of the most influential people of his time. Grab this chance to let yourself relax and see the famous comedian for yourself. With a capacity of 1,700 seats and its excellent layout, the Majestic Theatre Dallas is equipped to give audience members of the comedy genius the utmost comfort during their viewing experience.

Stand-up comedian and actor Desi Banks is heading to Texas and dropping by Majestic Theater Dallas on Friday, April 19, 2024, to grace audiences with his hilarious show. Prepare for a night like no other where you will surely have sore cheeks and stomach aches from the unstoppable smiles and laughs that Banks will indeed give you.

“Banks is dedicated to fulfilling his passion through purpose. Each day proves to be a new opportunity for Desi to soar to new and exciting heights in hopes of propelling his career in film and television!”

Whether on your phone or on the stage, Desi Banks is ready to spread laughs across the whole online world and theater. He started with some viral videos on Vine to building his very own agency; Banks has truly made and established his name in the comedy industry from scratch. Having already acted in several films and series so far, it can be said that Banks’ acting career is also on the come up, and he definitely doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. His ability to capture hearts on movie screens and on a stage shows his versatility to audiences, for which he is very much praised.

Comedy fans are continuously buzzing about how his skits are the funniest things they’ve ever seen and how he accurately but hilariously captures the southern Black experience. His shift from social media to stand-up comedy has earned him support from other well-known comedians like Gary Owens and Mike Epps, who he’s gone on tour with in the past, to give him a push in the right direction.

The beautiful and grand Majestic Theater Dallas is ready for 1,700 comedy lovers who are just dying to see this show. The theater is a popular choice among both viewers and productions with its unflawed layout and extreme comfort. The various seats in the theater have their pros per your preference, so be sure to select your seats personally. Grab your chance to see the acclaimed rising comedian LIVE while you still can on Friday, April 19, 2024. Secure your tickets now!

Desi Banks at Majestic Theatre

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