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David Cross

One of the most versatile comedians of this generation is headed to Dallas in late September. David Cross, the popular actor, writer, and stand-up comedian, is taking his act to the Majestic Theatre in Dallas on Wednesday, 25th September 2024. This show is part of his “The End of the Beginning of the End” Tour. Expect a set filled with anything and everything! He could bring out dark humor, political satire, or impersonate one of his minion characters. There’s just not much that this man cannot do or hasn’t done.

One of Comedy Central’s strongest cards of the deck, Sean Patton is going to be opening up for Cross. This duo is one of the best lineups in comedy, currently on tour. Patton’s mix of a raspy, squeaky voice on its own sets the vibe for his set. His takes on all sorts of topics will ensure you’ve busted out laughing quite a few times before Cross even hits the stage. Be sure to click the get tickets button to be at the Majestic for this great event.

This is one of those nights that you’re going to want to invite someone who isn’t easily offended. It’s not that either Cross or Patton are SUPER controversial. There are darker acts out there for sure. The two guys, though, are known to thread the needle a bit. Don’t be surprised if they get into some touchy topics. A lot of these comedy shows in an election year are going to get political. Just know what you’re getting into on the night to make sure that you can have a blast. As mentioned, these two are one of the best duos that you can watch in one night.

A lot of times, some of the modern comedy shows that you’ll see will feature a very weak opening act. That’s by design; the headliner doesn’t want to be outshone by someone who was on the undercard. These two guys are very comfortable with where they are in their careers. Cross is doing podcasts, movies, and TV. It’s a wonder that he even has time to go on this comedy tour. A lot of times, people who are as talented as Cross use these tours to test the waters. That’s great for the audience because you’re probably going to see an act that is nothing like what you’ll find from Cross himself on YouTube or even other comedians. If you’re kind of tired of some of the “popular” comedy acts that use the same gimmicks to get laughs, this can be a great show to return to comedy night with. These guys have a ton of things that they can pull from their bag of tricks.

The Majestic Theater in Dallas is also going to play a role that Wednesday night in late September. For starters, comedy night on a Wednesday is a good idea. Comedy events don’t get as rowdy as concerts. You won’t have too much trouble getting up the next day. Also, at The Majestic, you can see the stage perfectly from anywhere; the sound is great. As long as you grab a ticket and sit in the audience on the night, you can have an amazing time!

David Cross at Majestic Theatre

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