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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Corey Holcomb

Here’s a great laugh riot for ya! The Ghetto Dr. Phil has a lot to share and it’s bringing fantastic laughs to Dallas! This veteran of Chicago’s comedy scene is serving piping hot material to his Texas-based fans as part of his massive trek, The Book of Coreythians: Chapter 2! See Holcomb serves some unprecedented jokes, hilarious relationship advice, and sharp observations as he lights up Majestic Theatre Dallas with his brilliant humor! On Saturday 28th September 2024, audiences will surely be laughing at the top of their lungs as Holcomb plots how to take back control from women! It’s truly an out of this world experience seeing this top comic live and you’ll surely have the most terrific evening as you cackle like a hyena! So, if you love great comedy, be sure to check this one out before it’s too late! Hit that Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

Time for a fantastic change to your otherwise regular Saturday evening! How about you bring some great laughs? After all, they say it’s the best medicine! If you’re looking for a doctor, he’s called ghetto Dr. Phil! Maybe because he’s an excellent voice on how to deal with women in general! Corey Holcomb may be a stand-up comic posing as relationship guru, but he’s giving plenty of humorous advice! It’s not guaranteed that these pointers will be effective in real life, but you can surely laugh about it.

Corey Holcomb is no doubt a brilliant performer born from Chicago’s 90’s comedy scene. He has been at it for a while and has paid his dues, performing in local clubs across the country. But with terrific material, great charisma, and impeccable talent, he has risen from the local circuit and started making waves in Def Comedy Jam, Comic View and Last Comic Standing. He has also made groundbreaking appearances at Nick Cannon’s sensational improv comedy show, Wild ‘N Out.

Now, Holcomb serves a slew of solo headlining gigs as part of his extended outing. Last year, he made numerous major cities laugh like there’s no tomorrow with his smashing outing The Book of Coreythians: Chapter 1. This riveting run of shows not only received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, but it caused an uproar due to limited stops. Thanks to public demand, Holcomb makes a phenomenal comeback this 2024 for Book of Coreythians: Chapter 2. This time, expect a hilarious showdown of new material as Holcomb delivers several more shows this fall.

For his stop in Majestic Theatre Dallas, Holcomb is sure to bring the entire venue on a monumental laugh trip, whether it’s about relationship matters, earning money, the current recession, and more. Holcomb keeps it real and sometimes reality hurts, he has been known to talk about matters that can be utterly hilarious but triggering at the same time! Classic Holcomb is not afraid to belt out some truths, and it’s guaranteed to have you chuckling until your sides hurt.

So hurry and secure passes now! Like last year, there is limited opportunity to catch Corey Holcomb and tickets are moving fast! So hit that Get Ticket link now before it’s too late!

Corey Holcomb at Majestic Theatre

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