Calexico & Iron and Wine at Majestic Theatre Dallas

Calexico & Iron and Wine Tickets

Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Have you ever thought about what it is that everyone else gets up to on a Sunday? This is what! The finest Sunday is spent at this theatre event with some of the world's most stunning talented and entertaining performers! Do you wish you could be there?! Well, YOU CAN BE! Tickets are NOW on sale for the unmissable Calexico & Iron and Wine. They will be LIVE at Majestic Theatre Dallas on Sunday 29th September 2019, waiting for you! Don't miss your chance to be in the crowd of one of the best events of 2019! Don't just go it alone, get a couple of friends to join you and make this a unforgettable experience!

Calexico & Iron and Wine at Majestic Theatre Dallas

Prior Calexico & Iron and Wine events have been an absolute blast for theatre fans. Thrilling, fascinating and hugely enjoyable – it has everything. The finest theatre event this year that is fitting for co-workers, best friends, loved ones – everyone! Invite them all down! Dallas has the privilege of welcoming this excellent theatre event this September with the Majestic Theatre Dallas being given the privilege of hosting, almost certainly due to the perfect capacity and vibrant atmosphere. Secure parking lots is available just a minutes walk from the front entrance. It is always recommend to use public transport to miss out on likely parking delays. We can sense you are looking forward to this theatre event, so make use of the simple to use and secure ticket booking system.

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