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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Bob the Drag Queen

Straight out of his amazing performance as an emcee for Madonna’s The Celebration Tour, Bob the Drag Queen is heading back to the road for a wild tour! This fall, the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner will be taking her iconic stand-up performances on wild nights across the globe. If you’ve ever laughed at his comedy-gold content through your computer screens, get ready for one heck of a wild night as the queen herself marks her reign on stage at Majestic Theatre Dallas for her THIS IS WILD! WORLD TOUR. Catch his brilliant blend of stand-up comedy, crowd work, and music LIVE on Thursday, November 7th.

Hinting at wild stuff ahead, you can expect to crack out in laughter at his hilarious jokes, roasts, and slaying stories on stage. Known for her unabashed confidence and witty humor, she’s won the hearts of drag fans around the world. Moreover, you might even witness his iconic music off of her debut EP “Gay Barz”. As a dashing TV and internet icon for her salyin’ looks and comedy-gold masterpieces, get ready for an all-out night with Bob the Drag Queen. Book your tickets now!

BOB THE DRAG QUEEN is marking his reign back on stage. Fresh from his wild role as an emcee for Madonna’s The Celebration Tour, the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner is taking his stand-up comedy shows back for another tour. From one queen to another, he sure is a global icon for his confidence and charm that makes his comedy-gold bars a hit! Now, Bob the Drag Queen is launching the “THIS IS WILD! WORLD TOUR”, coming to major cities around the globe. Get ready for non-stop adventures of her stand-up comedy, crowd work, and music LIVE.

The queen is taking over Majestic Theatre Dallas — downtown’s most exciting live venue. Right in the heart of entertainment city, the historical theater serves a unique charm in every show that hits its stage, from musicals to rock concerts, and iconic stand-up shows led by slayin’ queens. As Bob the Drag Queen marks her majestic reign, laughter and cheer is most welcome as she slays it all out.

“If you’ve ever laughed with me on the internet, wait till you see me in person,” Bob said about his upcoming tour.

THIS IS WILD! isn’t your regular comedy show… It’s an extravaganza that celebrates Bob the Drag Queen’s impact in the entertainment industry. Moving to Queen, New York with only $500 in his pocket with two suitcases, he’s come a long way. In 2016, she joined RuPaul’s Drag Race, finishing as the season’s winner, winning $100,000. With much fanfare and support from her fans, she went on to become one of the world’s most celebrated drag queens. In 2019, judges from New York magazine placed Bob at #8 in their list of “the most powerful drag queens in America”.

Slay! Since then, Bob has ventured and developed his career in stand-up comedy, acting, and music. He appeared in various films such as “High Maintenance”, “Tales of the City “, and “A Black Lady Sketch Show”. In 2020, he began co-hosting the acclaimed HBO series “We're Here” together with fellow drag queens Eureka O'Hara and Shangela.

Blessed with the honor of emceeing for the legendary Madonna, Bob shares how that experience is something he’ll truly cherish. “She respects me in a way that doesn’t feel like a novelty,” he told Billboard. “Obviously, what matters most is how I feel about myself, but still, a stamp of approval from Madonna is just like … ‘What?!”

Madonna approved, he’s got it all! Witness his amazing wit, charm, and hilarious antics at his wildin’ new tour. THIS IS WILD! Grab the best seats in the house by booking your tickets now!

Bob the Drag Queen at Majestic Theatre

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