Blue October at Majestic Theatre Dallas

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Majestic Theatre Dallas | Dallas, Texas

Get ready to rock it out as Blue October spins around on a big tour in support of their newest album. Having released "Spinning the Truth Around" last October 2022, the band is taking new heights as they share their rockin' new material live on stage. The Spinning the Truth Around Tour will make a stop at Majestic Theatre Dallas on Friday, 31st of March 2023. Singing "Shut Up I Want You to Love Me Back" off of their new record, the band looks forward to feeling the love of their hard-rockin' fans as they electrify the stage. Dominating the scene since breaking through with their hit singles "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean", Blue October is still alive and rockin' it out with new music. Book your tickets now!

Blue October at Majestic Theatre Dallas

Led by frontman Justin Furstenfelf, Blue October released its debut album "The Answers" back in '98. The band started gaining local attention for their alt-rock sound. They started making bigger waves as their following records "Consent to Treatment" and "History for Sale" reached more listeners. With a growing fanbase and a roster of alt-rock anthems, the band found its massive breakthrough in 2006 with "Hate Me" off of their third studio album "Foiled". With a loyal fanbase and a certified-Platinum radio hit, Blue October rocked on.

Since the band's big break, they released seven studio albums, the latest of which, "Spinning the Truth Around, released in October of 2022. The new album features their singles "The Girl Who Stole My Heart", "Spinning the Truth Around", "Where Did You Go I'm Less of a Mess These Days", and "Shut Up I Want You to Love Me Back".

"We feel like we’re at the height of our craft," shared Furstenfeld. "The lyrics are universal and poignant, but we’re showing the songs can stand alone instrumentally. We know the sound we want."

With over a billion accumulated streams across streaming platforms, and a slew of hits such as "Into the Ocean", "Dirt Room", "Say It", "The Chills", "Home", "Oh My My", and "I Hope You're Happy", Blue October's music constantly evolved and shaped into alt-rock anthems that hit hard.

Blue October's "Spining The Truth Around" will be released in three phases, with the first installment making big waves up in the airwaves. As fans rock it hard to their new material, big surprises are in store as the band takes it live on tour. Don't miss out on this chance to rock and shake it out through electrifying performances by the one and only Blue October. Book your tickets now!

Blue October at Majestic Theatre Dallas

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