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If you went through a Ben Folds Five phase, you better check this one out! The illustrious frontman, Ben Folds, of the highly regarded alternative rock trio, is taking over the year with an outrageous number of shows! Whether you’re a huge fan of the band or simply a lover of Ben Fold’s incredible solo works, you better sort your calendar for this one because this series of shows will be a surefire banger! This 2024, Ben Folds sets out on over 70 shows, yes 70! The Paper Airplane Request Tour has been plotted thanks to seriously insistent public demand from fans, and the tour happens to include a coveted stop in Dallas, Texas! Experience Ben Fold’s brilliant live set as he turns up the stage at the Majestic Theatre Dallas! This highly awaited showdown on Thursday, 12th December 2024, is guaranteed to bring the house down with illustrious hits from Folds’ solo works! Don’t wait too long now, you better get a move on those tickets before you miss out!

At the peak of the alternative rock era, Ben Fold’s smashing three-piece outfit, Ben Folds Five reigned supreme. The North Corolina born outfit belted out some of the most beloved smashing bops, including “Brick,” “Army,” and “Kate,” to name a few. It’s these thrilling titles that put the band on the map, making them one of the big players in the alternative rock scene in the ‘90s. After the band’s dissolution, frontman Ben Folds moved on to pursuing a phenomenal solo career. Being the primary songwriter of his band, it was not a problem to gain incredible traction with his solo efforts.

In 2001, Folds made his outstanding breakthrough as an lone artist with Rockin’ the Suburbs. The effort, released through Epic, performed impressively across international charts, including the U.S. This paved the way for Folds to continue his immense artistry as a solo performer. By 2005, he has broke into the coveted Billboard Hot 100, with his singles “Bitches Ain’t Shit” and “Landed,” from his compilation effort, Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP.

This 2024, fans across the States, including those in Dallas, Texas, have the chance to witness these exhilrating titles performed live. Ben Folds is slated to deliver one epic showdown at the Majestic Theatre Dallas. Fans can anticipate a slew of magnificent staples from his latest work, What Matters Most. The 2023 work belted out several iconic titles, including “Winslow Gardens,” “Back to Anonymous,” and the Adult Alternative Charting single, “Exhausting Lover.”

Expect Folds to deliver utmost energy as he showcases his smashing hits on stage. The show will surely show why he has maintained his utmost longevity throughout the years, even after the disbandment of Ben Folds Five. When one has an amazing penchant for creating some of the most memorable songs to hit the circuit, there is no mystery how Ben Folds continue to maintain a massive fandom.

Speaking of fans, if you are one of them, or you just want to experience a banging evening packed with Fold’s brilliant hits, then you better make sure to secure your passes to his show at the Majestic Theatre Dallas! The spectacle on Thursday 12th December 2024 will surely become one of the most memorable evenings of 2024!

Ben Folds at Majestic Theatre

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