BEAT – Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson at Majestic Theatre Dallas

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson Tickets

Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson

This fall season, a monster line-up is about to blow the minds of music fanatics everywhere! The Beat Tour features this groundbreaking ensemble that’s enough to bring in fans just by its staggering awesomeness! Former King Crimson members Tony Levin and Adrian Belew, both of which are from the legendary progressive band’s ‘80s line-up, are banding together with one of the world’s top 10 greatest guitarists, Steve Vai and highly-acclaimed prog drummer Danny Carey from Tool! Now, this supergroup will conquer over 40 major cities this fall, including a coveted pit stop in Dallas, Texas! On Sunday, 22nd September 2024, you can experience the magnificent 80s era of King Crimson as Belew, Vai, Levin, and Carey lights up the Majestic Theatre Dallas! These incredible performers will cover the band’s three outstanding albums that pretty much contributed to the foundations of progressive rock music history! So better hurry and secure your access now so you won’t miss out on the ultimate progressive rock line-up of the year!

If you want to hear the music of the legendary band King Crimson performed live, this is the moment you have been waiting for. This is not your ordinary tribute act. For starters, this ground-stirring line-up is made up of the most talented players in the world. Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai is currently deemed as one of the greatest guitarists alive. Meanwhile, Danny Carey from Tool is known for his incredible explosiveness. Lastly, the two 80s era members of King Crimson, Adrian Belew and Tony Levin, join this amazing group - creating the groundbreaking BEAT - music collective that will deliver King Crimson’s ‘80s albums, Discipline, Beat, and Three Of A Perfect Pair. Now, Levin and Belew performed in all these efforts and played a significant role in creating music and working with founding member Robert Fripp and long time drummer Bill Bruford.

During the ‘80s era, King Crimson’s music was notably geared towards new wave and post-punk. The band brought in former Frank Zappa guitar player Andrew Belew as guitarist and frontman. Meanwhile, Chapman stick player and talented bassist Tony Levin was also brought in. The resulting work is a sensational plethora of new sounds, which pulls away from King Crimson’s heavier compositions from its 1974 album Red. Now, the ‘80s era, having its distinct sound with immensely talented new members, became an enigma on its own. There’s a niche of fans who became captivated by the influential band just from the work they have done with these three albums.

Now, fans will get to experience this incredible era as Beat delivers fantastic albums in one massive tour! Enjoy the incredible hits and crowd favorites from Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair. Who better to perform these highly influential records than the two of the remarkable band members who recorded them, plus the illustrious guitar god, Steve Vai, and sensational drummer Danny Carey?

You get to experience these amazing albums performed live as Beat makes its way to the Majestic Theatre Dallas on Sunday, 22nd September 2024! The show is guaranteed to serve countless staples and adrenaline-rushing performances.

When we say this gig is a melting pot of tremendous talent, it is an understatement! See the greatest music players alive in one gig when you experience Beat - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson at the Majestic Theatre Dallas on Sunday, 22nd September 2024! Secure your access now before it’s too late!

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson at Majestic Theatre

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