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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

B. Simone

Renowned and multi talented comedian B. Simone is headed back to her birth place of Dallas, Texas for a night of laughter you’ll never forget as part of her Still Standing world tour. First gaining prominence as a content creator and comedian on social media, Simone has gained millions of likes for her talent. And it’s not just comedy she’s good at - the girl can really do everything. From singing to rapping to acting, there’s really nothing she can’t do. You better get online to grab your tickets right now, or you’ll be missing out on an undeniably hilarious set from one of the most significant rising talents in comedy. Don’t be shy, grab your tickets now!

Originally from Dallas, Texas, B. Simone relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her career. Needless to say, that decision worked out quite well. Since then, she’s appeared in a number of productions both big and small, namely, Stand Up, Scheme Queens, and Battlegrounds. She’s honed her acting skills on top of performing comedy live, with her first time headlining a comedy tour in 2018. See how much she's improved since then by purchasing tickets to see her in Dallas. Trust me, it's worth it.

I'm just barely scratching the surface of the work she’s done in her career thus far. But just think - you could be another part of her multi faceted, ever changing career path by going to her latest world tour, the Still Standing Tour. Get tickets online now. Seriously, go now! You never know who else is dying to get their chance to witness comedic genius.

B. Simone is a busy bee. She has maintained a very diverse portfolio throughout her entire career, working as an actress, comedian, beautician, rapper, singer, and internet personality. Her following on social media has only continued to grow as she travels all over the globe making people laugh so hard they choke. It’s incredible to see her work her magic in the flesh, certainly an opportunity you won’t wanna miss. And with all new material for this new Still Standing World Tour, how can you honestly say no? That’s right, you can’t! So get your tickets while they’re hot - buy them online today with no fuss.

When she’s not touring the world with her knee slapping comedy shows, B. Simone never rests. Instead, she keeps on flexing those creative muscles of hers and pursues everything she can. So far, she has starred in the Sundance selected film “#DigitalLivesMatter,” directed by Terri J. Vaughn, and she was the longest running female cast member on the hit comedy series Wild ‘N Out. And that’s just a taste of everything she can do. B. Simone is a powerful upcoming voice in comedy, and she’s only getting better. Now, she can be seen traveling across the US, Canada, and Europe for her Still Standing world tour. Catch her if you can… or just grab tickets to see her in Dallas this summer. Returning to her hometown is sure to be exciting - she’ll be entering her home as a more hysterical version of her former self. Wanna witness the reunion of B and her home state? Grab tickets now!!! Hurry, they might sell out!! Order them online today…before it’s too late.

B. Simone at Majestic Theatre

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