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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Andres Cepeda

Hola to the Latino pop mania as the renowned Colombian singer Andres Cepeda brings the pop-rock craze to the Texas place with his Tengo Ganas US Tour on Saturday, 20th of April, at Majestic Theatre Dallas, Texas. Along with fellow Colombian star Alejandro Santamaria, get ready to be rocked and mesmerized by Andres Cepeda’s captivating voice as he features his extraordinary music for live fans to enjoy. Following his successful La Ruta Purpura tour, Andre Cepeda will now prepare for an 18-date US cruise as he stops midway to Dallas to showcase his Latin Pop masterclass that will make the venue go wild. As he recently bagged his fourth Latin Grammy Award in 2023 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for the album Decimo Cuarto, Andres Cepeda is now on the course of lighting up the live stages with his exceptional sounds and energetic shows. Live, Laugh, and watch the Latino pop as Andres Cepeda rocks the night for an unforgettable night to enjoy. Grab your tickets now!

Get thrilled as the Latin pop star Andres Cepeda delivers the riffs and synths for his Tengo Ganas US Tour happening on Saturday, 20th of April at Majestic Theatre Dallas, Texas. With the special guest and also a Colombian artist Alejandro Santamaria, a promising and exciting show is about to come as they fire up the stage with their unhinged music and energetic performance that will put the fans on stands hyped.

With the unwavering success of his recent tour La Ruta Purpura, Andres Cepeda will now conquer the foreign audience as he schedules an 18-date US tour to start this spring. The profound Colombian star will feature his immense talent and unique latin vibe as he injects his songs with funk and style that the fans will surely find on hype. With his romance and captivating ambiance, the night is a night to be remembered with the combination of ecstatic sounds and electrifying vibes all in one.

Raised in Colombia, Andres Cepeda got his musical inspirations with his family and started composing in his younger days. As he began his career with a band, Andres Cepeda found his music in a solo career as he released his first album I Die From that, Andre Cepeda rose to the pinnacle of the latin pop industry and became one of the renowned artists of the continent. He bagged his fourth Latin Grammy Award with his album Deximo Cuarto and is now listed on the best names of the industry as one of the most influential artists in the world. With the additional spice brough by the blended pop genre from Alejandro Santamaria, Andres Cepeda now set asides the awards and recognitions, and now turn his attention to the fans in motion as he arrives to the Texas lawns to deliver the best of the best latin songs on the go featuring his renowned songs Si Todo Se Acaba, No Se Querer, and Lo Que Habia Olvidado that will make the fans jam like no other.

“This new Tengo Ganas Tour makes an immersion in the opposite pole of my career” Andres Cepeda said.

Tengo Ganas led by Andres Cepeda with Alejandro Santamaria will be hosted in Majestic Theatre Dallas, the primary location of the biggest musical concerts in Dallas. With its incredible stages, outstanding lighting, and state-of-the-art sound management, Andres Cepeda will not worry about any inconvenience as he throws down riffs and synths all over the stages as the Latin pop craze treats the fans in haze. Grab your tickets now!

Andres Cepeda at Majestic Theatre

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