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Majestic Theatre | Dallas, Texas

Ancient Aliens Live

Are you ready for the most thrilling spectacle of the summer?! Well, this is literally an out-of-this-world experience as this sensational science-driven extravaganza conquers numerous major cities! Ancient Aliens Live is a stunning 90-minute live experience of the groundbreaking History Channel program Ancient Aliens! Led by the famous ancient astronaut theorist Georgie Tsoukalos, the show is anticipated to bring forth the staggering mysteries of Earth and beyond! Delivering over 20 shows this spring/summer, Ancient Aliens Live is slated to make a coveted stop in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, 19th September 2024! Explore the groundbreaking theories of notable experts as they deliver fan-favorite topics at the Majestic Theatre Dallas! The show is set to feature the enigmas of the Pyramids, the Moon, and other thought-provoking sites - all of which have been suspected to be visited by aliens! If you’re a science buff, you’ll definitely love this memorable and mind-blowing informative spectacle! So hurry and don’t waste time! Secure your tickets now!

The staggering science-driven program Ancient Aliens is now bringing its groundbreaking mysteries live and into major venues across the U.S.! This amazing trek, which is slated to make over 20 stops, will present new theories and information that you won’t catch in the series! Meaning, you’ll be the first to learn about new discoveries and findings that experts have worked tirelessly for! This is not your ordinary show that features alien fanatics. Sure, these experts are exploring the possibilities of ancient alien visitors on planet Earth, but they are notable scientists who have done exemplary work in their field.

Ancient Aliens features several experts - all have learned some incredible information that may prove that aliens indeed visited planet Earth a long time ago! For starters, the show features the face of Ancient Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He’s regarded as a leading expert in Ancient Astronaut Theory since the late ‘90s. Tsoukalos is the executive producer of Ancient Aliens, and he has written plenty of studies that explore numerous mysterious sites across the globe. As part of the cast and speakers, Tsoukalos is anticipated to share insights on various research expeditions and findings on ancient sites.

Aside from Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens Live also features several other experts. David Childress, a renowned author and real-life Indiana Jones, has published over 20 books, and he has traveled the world extensively. His books explore topics of humankind’s mysterious past and many of his findings have been valuable to the show. Another author and fellow presenter, William Henry, is a known mythologist. He investigates the spiritual aspect of all mysteries that are presented in the show. Moreover, Henry is the authority on the potential of the human spirit. Moreover, the show also brings in Travis Taylor, an expert in aerospace engineering and intelligence. Taylor has done fantastic work as an investigative scientist in various alien mystery programs like The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch and Aliens Attack.

Lastly, Nick Pope has participated in numerous Ancient Aliens episodes. A former member of the British Ministry of Defence, he has regularly contributed to Ancient Aliens’ UFO investigations.
Hurry and join this extremely compelling presentation and discussion about the mysteries of ancient sites across the world! If you’re a science nut, you’ll definitely have a great time! Secure your tickets now, and don’t miss out on Ancient Aliens Live at the Majestic Theatre Dallas on Thursday, 19th September 2024!

Ancient Aliens Live at Majestic Theatre

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