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Ali Siddiq

Are you looking for the best way to spend your Saturday night? We got you, Dallas! Ali Siddiq is going to perform at the Majestic Theater - Dallas on October 5, 2024 for his live special taping of "My Two Sons."

It's in the middle of his "I Got A Story To Tell" Tour but our internet's most popular comedian and low-key ex-con has a lot more stories to share. In his show "My Two Sons," you will find yourself rolling on the floor laughing.

He is a master of storytelling, and in this special one-night only show, you can immerse yourself on his detailed stories about his family life and especially his two sweet children. As the top venue for comedy shows, Majestic Theater - Dallas has an intimate space with incredible seats.

Let yourself loose and laugh out loud. It's a one-night show with no repeats in sight so you can't miss this one. Get your tickets today before it sells out!

Yo Dallas, get ready to laugh your hearts out this 2024! Ali Siddiq has a live special taping for his brand-new "My Two Sons" material. It's going to be a Saturday night of hilarity at the Majestic Theater - Dallas on October 5th!

Taking a short break from his "I Got A Story To Tell" tour, this live special taping has fresh stories and jokes. It's a one-night event, so don't miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first to hear his new material.

The low-key ex-con and internet's most popular comedian will make you forget all your problems. His longform storytelling style that recounts his life story, has so much details that you will be completely immersed in the show. He is a master in storytelling and transforming serious and traumatic events into a source of jokes.

It is still a mystery on what will be featured on Ali Siddiq's "My Two Sons" live special taping. However, the comedian has two children, a girl named Olivia and a boy named Abraham. He often shares photos and videos of his kids on social media and talks about his love for them in interviews and his stand-up shows. We can guess what the title is about, and you can only find out in the show so make sure you're there!

Ali Siddiq shares in an interview how he comes up with the show's material, "I know the stories; I don’t have to write them. The way that I tell the story is bred upon how my family has always told stories. They pull you in with some off-the-wall topic, then they go from there and you’re like, “What happened?”"

Siddiq's career and fame increased since he uploaded his stand-up special on his YouTube channel. The first part of "The Domino Effect" has earned more than 12 million views which ranked him high up on Best of Comedy 2022 Lists. It's a show on his years as an adolescent in Houston projects, selling drugs, and getting busted at 19. Expect another set of stories that will hit differently which makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

Majestic Theater Dallas offers an intimate venue of more than 1700 capacity with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, perfect for a comedy show. The venue's prominent "atmospheric" design will immerse you in Ali's detailed and humorous storytelling.

Schedule a weekend of good vibes and great stories. The cameras are rolling soon and you might just be part of a historic show. Buy your tickets here today to secure your spot!

Ali Siddiq at Majestic Theatre

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